Tuesday, March 9, 2021

REVOLution-A New Technology of Communication



Something Curious occurred! I needed to experience it to believe it! Approximately eight decades back, I had been with a nonverbal buddy and mentor, whom I discovered demonstrated telekinetic skills on event. However, this was the very first time, but maybe not the last time I seen it. At the moment, she had been angry, apparently at me, for not having the ability to hear her hushed words . Angrily, she jumped up and down and pushed her forehead . I had been at a loss. I stepped back and picked up my iPhone, looked down at the display and saw the phrase"REVOLUTION." Typed onto it. We all had touched on the telephone. Words appeared in my iPhone and iPad several times after this first episode.

Five Decades later, I Got a text from my sister in an unsettling situation from the information. Before I had an opportunity to type a reply, the words"DOMINOES ARE FALLING" appeared in my mobile phone. Contrary to once the term"REVOLUTION" appeared, I had been alone, with no mysterious partners . Just how or why it happened, I don't know? Maybe it was only some glitch in technology, or as I guess, yet another energetic anomaly introduced to grab my attention, and expand my comprehension of hidden realities.

Far Has occurred since those fateful words seemed, particularly of late. Now in the center of a pandemic, George Floyd's shocking murder has triggered people round the globe, to come together, need justice, and spark much-needed discussions about political and police reform. Perhaps the size of the primarily youth-lead revolution happened because the collective development of individuals is finally prepared and ready to serve each other and the world we call home.Telekinetic writing infrequently happened, but a lot of my nonverbal mentors easily typed messages through me. I choose to refer to the currently misunderstood procedure as ECC-Energetically Connected Communication. It's a puzzle - a contemporary technology of communicating; I can't fully comprehend or clarify. It's a partnered kind of communication, in which our ideation appears to intertwine and stream through our joint awareness. Using ECC, among my, silent buddies scribed it

"When we write or type Collectively we meld our spirits as one, raising our ability and magnetism to combine with supply energy. You're me, and I'm you-union in our center. This partnership reinforces both our understanding. My accuracy is subject to a schedule and self love constraints. Occasionally you're open, and un-obstructive. Other times, you make a barrier; I need to bypass."

Amid The pandemic and lasted protests for reform, I'm amazed at the rate where the"DOMINOES ARE FALLING." A vital mass unhappy with the status quo continues to shape because I pondered the idea of development as it pertains to the particular seeing this global"REVOLUTION." I hunted through my previous ECC notes from hushed souls, for hints.

"Ascension process underway. A burst of energy igniting the hearts and minds of all men. Re-evaluation of priorities heading to happen-more giving-less taking, feeling world politics beneath an ominous violation-revoking obligation to serve the basic needs in each inhabitant's life"

"Stewardship is the mindset of the long run. Control and Power are being pushed out from the critical mass of spirits. Enjoy of a community of spirits is coming. God is happy. Keep the faith during tumultuous times. Elevation of spirits united, change outcomes."

"Kind, Loving spirits would be the most effective channel for shift. Combine with one another, deepen your relationship. We're more fortunate together than apart. Heartfelt fantasies create fresh resonance for our world - frequency is elevating to brand new heights amidst our troubled times. Don't become discouraged. Bring our world to the awareness of individuals open to a evolved idea required to deliver a change of mind and heart, where"combined thought" frees the self from dominance. Individual greed subsides because the good of the numerous exceeds the needs of the person. Religion becomes merged in attracting equilibrium instead of discord. Love opens the doorway."

I hope through those difficult and tumultuous times, these Strong motions for systemic change favorably change current Issues of racial, societal, and economic inequities and elevates us To need a much more loving, equitable world for everybody. May this kinship Blossom into a feeling of stewardship for the world we call home and all Its plants plants, creatures and minerals-a come back to the Garden of Eden.


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