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Can Herd immunity end the COVID-19 Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic caused unprecedented global destruction and millions of deaths. People have waited for more than a year to hear about herd immunity, which may be possible in the long-term by using near universal vaccination. Are low rates of infection around the globe a sign that COVID-19 herd immune system is near?

It has been over a year since the first case of the highly contagious SARS/CoV-2 virus was reported in the world. Despite social isolation measures and other precautions, the resilient coronavirus has continued to spread throughout communities. Multiple COVID-19 vaccines are now available and approved for use. People are optimistic about "herd immunity". According the United States Centers for Disease Control and Preventionherd immunity is the amount of people who become immune to a specific disease through the development of antibodies from vaccination or previous exposure to the disease.

The majority of people who have been vaccinated will be immune to the virus, which would prevent them from spreading the disease to other vulnerable populations. Herd immunity protects the rest of the population and reduces transmission risks. The development of herd immunity seems to be a practical solution in the fight against COVID-19. Therefore, vaccine inoculation drives have been in full swing. Although there is no "magic threshold", immunity is needed by 50-90% of the population before infection rates begin to decrease. However, this number can fluctuate depending on the severity of the virus. COVID-19's herd immunity ranges from 70-90%. This is because the immunity lasts longer.

How can we achieve herd immunity with SARS-CoV-2
The virus can be slow-down by wearing masks, social distancing and reducing interaction. However, it is possible that the virus could mutate and spread to other communities. There are two options to achieve herd immunity: either the large percentage of the population is vaccinated or the person infected. To achieve herd immunity in the United States, it would take more than 230,000,000 Americans to become infected. This could result in more hospitalizations and ICU admissions as well as costing millions of lives. Patients who are afflicted by mild infections may also experience severe side effects for several weeks. It is therefore difficult to imagine achieving herd immunity by infecting others.

High vaccination rates are another way to reach a threshold in herd immunity. This will immunize large numbers of people so that society can return to normal. The immunization of 70-80% population against the COVID-19 virus is a way to protect vulnerable populations. It also allows for the expansion of immunization benefits beyond those directly targeted. The following vulnerable groups are dependent on herd immunity to protect themselves against diseases:
* Persons with impaired immune function
* Patients undergoing chemotherapy
* HIV-positive people
* Infants and newborns
* Seniors

Why is Vaccine Equity Important to Develop Herd Immunity.
Although more than 1.65 million vaccines were administered in rich countries, only 0.8% have been distributed to the poor. While wealthy nations are more concerned with securing vaccines for their citizens, they neglect to invest in co-operative initiatives that ensure fair distribution of vaccines around the world. To manage COVID-19 transmission, it is vital that vaccine coverage be global. This imbalance makes it necessary to shift from outdated charitable models to improve global manufacturing and distribution capacity in order to increase immunization. International community must empower countries by technology transfer and passing intellectual property waivers to the World Trade Organization for vaccines, so that poor countries can make their own vaccines.

Vaccine nationalism might not be the best way to stop the spread of the virus. The effectiveness of vaccines against the disease is decreasing as wealthy countries implement domestic vaccination plans. Even with vaccine shields, rich countries are still vulnerable and their economies are at risk. According to the International Chamber of Commerce, if the poor are not vaccinated, the global economy could lose USD9.2 trillion. However, funding Access to COVID-19 Tools would only require USD22.9 billion. Global allocation may delay the rollout of domestic vaccines, but it will increase global herd immunity.

Obstacles to Obtaining Herd Immunity
* Vaccine Hesitancy
People are hesitant to get vaccinated because they lack information or misinformation about vaccine safety. Aside from religion, political affiliations, and ethical obligations, vaccine hesitancy is also a result. A study found that one in four young adults don't want to be vaccinated. This can lead to unvaccinated older adults becoming more vulnerable and encourage the development of new vaccines. Education and public health messages can be used to encourage young adults and youth to get vaccinated.

* Emergence Of New Variants
The COVID-19 virus will continue mutating and becoming more dangerous as long as there is an unvaccinated population. Even if wealthy countries achieve herd immunity, there is still a risk of transmission. Boosters might be necessary to protect against variants that may evade the immune response. The possibility of new strains emerging from mutations in the spike protein of coronavirus could not cause an antibody response in infected persons.

* Delay in the Arrival of Vaccinations For Children
Although children are less likely to contract the coronavirus, not all have been affected. Infected children have also unintentionally spread the disease to others, increasing the overall incidence of the virus. While many vaccines have been tested for effectiveness against the coronavirus in children, it is likely that the virus will mutate and attack the younger population. Brazil's deadly coronavirus epidemic is affecting pregnant women and younger people. Many young mothers are reluctant to get vaccinations for their children despite growing paranoia. This is due to misinformation regarding vaccines and possible side effects.

Limited Evidence of Immunity Post-COVID Infection
SARS-CoV-2 infection may offer protection against the virus for up to a year, according to some studies. Infection with SARS-CoV-2 will provide some protection because the antibodies increase immune response and confer strong resistance to variants of coronavirus. The degree of immunity vaccines provide varies according to how the body reacts to them. While a single dose may provide some protection, a second dose is necessary to attain full immunity. Scientists have only evaluated the effectiveness of vaccines in the first few months. However, there is no data available on long-term immunity as many vaccines have not completed a year of follow up.

It can help slow down the spread COVID-19 by vaccinating as many people as possible. The coronavirus is highly infectious and evolves so achieving herd immunity will not guarantee total elimination. Because herd immunity is not uniform at all levels (global, national, or community), there could be small outbreaks.

According to TechSci's research report "Global Coronavirus Vaccine Market by Infection Type, SARS-2, SARS-3, MERS-4, CoV), By Vaccine (Virus Vaccine), Viral Vector Vaccine (Nucleic Acid Vaccine), Protein Based Vaccine (Adults vs. Pediatric), By Route of Administration, Intramuscular, Oral and Intranasal), And By End User (Hospitals Research Institutes, Research Institutes, Opportunities, 2026" The market will grow at a lot.

Here are some reasons students need intellectual curiosity to learn:


What is it that makes a student want to learn? What is the reason students seek course-specific knowledge?

In higher education, the standard procedure is to add students to a pre-built curriculum. This creates a learning environment. Planned activities and resources are available to students to help them engage in the activities. This helps bridge the gap between students' learning experiences and their own. Intellectual curiosity is a natural process that cannot be controlled. However, it can be triggered by the completion of planned activities, or the involvement of an instructor.

Learning in a classroom setting can be a stimulating intellectual activity. Engaging the intellect of students can elevate cognition from automatic thinking to higher-order thinking and even critical thinking. When reading new information, intellectual curiosity is the desire for understanding why. It can also lead to the desire to find an underlying principle or premise in the material, as well as the desire to challenge existing beliefs and views.

It is important for instructors to understand the reasons students are intellectually curious and engaged in class. It was much easier to observe students' engagement levels in class and to ask them questions that would help them to think about course topics. This strategy must be modified for online instructors. It's something I have learned to do over time. You need to think beyond asking questions. It is important to consider what questions should be asked and the tone that the message will convey. You might find new strategies and ideas for your teaching by what you read next.

Why Learning Activities Are Important

Asynchronous online classes are best for writing assignments and class discussions. These are two-fold reasons why they are so popular. These activities provide both individual and group engagement. Asynchronous discussions are designed to help students find specific information and respond to targeted prompts. It is assumed that students will reflect on the discussions and make further inquiries, which can lead to intellectual curiosity.

The same assumption applies to writing assignments. The assumption is that students will learn specific information and then reflect on it. This will stimulate their intellectual curiosity and allow them to engage with their cognition. This will lead to a well-researched and well-written paper.

The reality is that most students post a reactionary blog post about discussions without reading the materials. This means that more effort is required to get people interested in the material as well as an intellectual curiosity. Students who are not familiar with writing or want to be able to complete their assignments quickly should use minimal sources. To help students focus and direct their attention, an instructor is necessary.

Why Intellectual Curiosity Matters

First, consider casual reading. Although the purpose of casual reading may differ, it is not to acquire extensive knowledge or long-term memories. Formal learning, on the other hand, is aimed at a specific purpose and the intellect plays an important role in the acquisition long-term knowledge. After students have read the materials, cognition and mental processing are first engaged. Then they will search for supplementary readings.

Students who are mentally engaged will be more inclined to show higher-order thinking or critical thinking. They also have the ability to think logically and write well. They can process and interpret information and then synthesize it. Another condition is mental acuity. This refers to a sharply focused mind. Intellectual curiosity is also a factor in this condition. This type of curiosity has one goal: to learn.

How to Encourage Intellectual Development among Students

An instructor is the one who can have the greatest impact on a student's intellectual growth and interest in any class, online or otherwise. It happens because of my direct involvement in class, no matter how much time I spend. This is because I have learned to value every interaction I have with students, be it by showing appreciation or encouraging their intellectual growth. To put it another way, you don’t need to spend every day in class to be successful. You can still interact with students online while taking time off.

These strategies may be able to spark curiosity in your students.

#1. Use Your Expertise

Pre-built curriculum shouldn't be considered as a substitute for your own experience and knowledge. Your expertise is most valuable in course discussions and feedback. Your knowledge can be applied to all areas of the course. Your knowledge can make course topics more engaging and interesting, and increase student interest.

#2. Ask Common Questions

If used strategically, questions can be a powerful tool to stimulate further thought about course topics. When I participate in class discussions, I always end with a question to extend the conversation. This is the Socratic method of dialogue. However, due to the nature of online classes, I don't try to be as direct. It is important to take into account the tone of the post, and to be as inclusive as possible. As I might not be able to answer every student every week, I will ask a question that is open to all students.

#3. Get familiar with the Course Materials

One of the biggest mistakes I have seen in my work as a Faculty Development Specialist is faculty members who don't refer to course material during class discussions. While I don't advocate that you should include course material in every discussion response, it is helpful to highlight key points related to the main topic for the week. This is useful when students don't review the material or miss important points. Additionally, if I can make course materials interesting and engaging, students may find it easier to engage with them.

#4 Always Be Curious Yourself

Keep this in mind: Your example is your best guide. It is possible to influence students if you are interested in the subject matter and show enthusiasm for it. It is common to hear educators speak of being lifelong learners. This is because it is about maintaining curiosity and a desire for learning new things. It is also about asking questions whenever you hear or read something. It has been a while since I received my degrees. This means that I have to keep up-to-date with my chosen profession. I do this by constantly seeking out new knowledge.

#5. Use feedback as a prompt for engagement

You don't have to make it easy by providing feedback. All you need is a rubric and some rote comments. You can instead use this opportunity to ask questions, share insights, and continue to spark interest in your students. In my feedback, I will ask you questions that begin with "Have you considered?" You want to focus on the student who wrote the paper, tried to understand the assignment and then processed it according to the prompts. With your own prompts and a few questions, you can follow the student's thought process. Some students will respond to me directly while others will think through the topics and refer back to what I wrote.

Building a High-End Learning Environment

These strategies are designed to help you create a learning environment where students are interested in the course material, learn more about it, and are curious about what they are studying. As an adult learner, I know that students should be self-motivated, and already have reasons to pursue their degree. Online students, however, are not always traditional because they have to balance other responsibilities. They may also be trying to finish as much as possible as quickly as possible.

It will take an instructor's prompting to get students to be interested in the course and to make them want to spend more time. It's good to know that students become more interested in the subject matter and less concerned about time. As an instructor, this makes the course more fun and the discussions more meaningful. The spark of curiosity then leads to transformative learning experiences. There will always be students who are just trying to survive, but most students will respond positively to being taught by someone who is enthusiastic and eager to learn.

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MSI Modern 14 Review (B11MO). Hits the Spot

 MSI was a company that was associated with gaming laptops and PC gaming components. However, the brand now offers a wide range of laptops for creators, small businesses, and enterprises. We will be testing the latest update from the Modern series which MSI calls its "business and productivity" line of laptops.

MSI Modern 14 is a great choice for students and young professionals looking for an affordable, stylish laptop that they can carry with them everywhere. There are multiple models in the Modern 14 series. Each model has a different RAM, storage and CPU specification. B11MO is the model I am testing today. It comes with an 11th-Gen Intel Core i5 CPU and is priced at around Rs. It is available online for purchase at 54,990. Now is the time to find out how it works and whether it's worth your consideration.

MSI Modern 14 (B11MO) design

MSI Modern 14 comes in pleasing pastel colors like Carbon Gray, Beige Mousse and Bluestone. MSI sent me the second color, which could also be called rose gold. It's very attractive and will certainly grab attention whenever you use it. It is also very lightweight. The aluminum chassis is just 1.3kg in weight and measures 16.9mm at its thinnest point. The lid and base have very little body flexibility.

This 14-inch laptop has a wide range of ports. Two full-sized USB Type A ports (USB 3.0 Gen1) are included, as well as a headphone socket. On the left side, you will find the charging port, HDMI port, USB Type-C port and a microSD slot. Thunderbolt is supported by the Type-C connector on higher-end models.

The MSI Modern 14 has a 14 inch IPS display and narrow borders on three sides. MSI also managed to fit a webcam above the screen in the right position. The layout of the chiclet keyboard is good, with the exception of the Ctrl button to the right which feels small and cramped. There are three levels of white illumination, and a shortcut that allows you to change the primary function for the Fn row buttons. This is something I appreciate. The trackpad is fairly large and does not get in the way of typing.

The MSI Modern 14's lid opens up to double as the laptop's rear feet. This allows for more comfortable typing positions and raises the base at an angle. While the hinge hides the exhaust vents, the bottom has numerous tiny holes that allow for air intake. You will also find the speakers on the bottom. There are one speaker per side. This laptop is also certified MIL-STD-810G for greater durability.

MSI Modern 14 (B11MO), specifications

Although the MSI modern 14 (B11MO), can be configured with an Intel Core i7 processor, my variant has a Core i5-1135G7 which has four cores and a total eight threads. The 8GB DDR4 RAM stick is included, along with a second slot for upgrades. This variant does not have a dedicated GPU. It uses the Intel Iris Xe integrated GPU. You can also choose an optional Nvidia GeForce X450 GPU. The Core i5 or Core i7 versions of the B11MO model come with a 512GB M.2PCIe SSD.

MSI Modern 14 supports Bluetooth 5.1 and Wi-Fi 6. The MSI Modern 14 comes with a compact 65W wall charging adapter and a 52WHr 3-cell battery.

If you purchase this laptop now, Windows 10 Home will be included. MSI also advertises that the Modern 14 will receive a free upgrade to Windows 11 when it is available. It's minimalist in design, and even has a shortcut button on the keyboard. It allows you to set power and battery profiles and run system checks, as well as many other useful functions.

Performance and battery life of MSI Modern 14 (B11MO).

The MSI Modern 14 was my companion for a few weeks. I used it to watch streaming videos and occasionally for work. It performed very well during this time. The SSD made it very easy to boot the system and wake it up from hibernation. Although the base of my laptop is warm, I didn't find it uncomfortable sitting on my lap. The keyboard provides good tactile feedback and is quiet when typing. The trackpad was equally responsive.

It is also a strong performer, the Intel 11th Gen Core i5 processor. It scored decent benchmark scores, scoring 4,455 in PCMark 10, 515 points and 2,208 points respectively in Cinebench R20’s single- and multi-core tests. There were also 2,078 points in 3DMark FireStrike. This is a low score but it is expected considering this variant relies upon an onboard Intel GPU.

The MSI Modern 14 wasn't made for gaming. You'll get a slightly better gaming experience with variants that include the Nvidia GPU. The B11MO's Intel integrated GPU can still handle basic titles like Asphalt 9: Legends. I tried heavier titles like Assassin's Creed Odyssey, but it was not a pleasant experience even with a lower resolution and better visual quality.

The display is bright and vibrant, but the colours aren’t as lively. This can make it less enjoyable to watch media. The horizontal and vertical viewing angles are not great, but they aren't terrible. The matte finish makes reflections less of a problem. Stereo speakers don't sound great, even at maximum volume.

In terms of battery life, the MSI Modern 14 is excellent. I was able get nearly eight hours of battery life with light usage, such as Web browsing, productivity in Chrome, and watching videos through Netflix. This is a remarkable feat for a laptop this small and heavy. The laptop ran for approximately one and a quarter hours using the Battery Eater Pro benchmark.

SpaceX capsule and first all-civilian crew orbiting in space splashes down in Atlantic


Four space tourists successfully ended their trailblazing journey to orbit Sunday with a splashdown at the Atlantic off the Florida Coast.

The crew of the SpaceX capsule parachuted in the ocean just before sunset. This was not far from their chartered flight three days earlier. This all-amateur crew was first to orbit the globe without a professional astronaut.

The billionaire, who paid undisclosed million for the trip, and his three guests wanted the opportunity to prove that ordinary people can launch into orbit without assistance. SpaceX founder Elon Musk invited them aboard as its first rocket-riding tourists.

SpaceX Mission Control radioed, "Your mission has shown that space is available for all of us."

Jared Isaacman, trip sponsor, said that it was an amazing ride and that there were more private flights in the future.

SpaceX's fully-automated Dragon capsule reached an extraordinary altitude of 585 km after Wednesday night's liftoff. The capsule surpassed the International Space Station by 160 km, and the passengers enjoyed views of Earth through a large bubble-shaped window at the capsule's top.

They returned through the atmosphere Saturday evening and were the first space travelers to complete their flight in the Atlantic since Apollo 9 back in 1969. SpaceX's previous crew splashdowns, carrying astronauts for NASA, were in the Gulf of Mexico.

A pair of SpaceX boats pulled up beside the bobbing capsule within a matter of minutes. The capsule was then hoisted onto the recovery ship, where the hatch was opened. They were to undergo medical checks before being flown to Kennedy Space Center via helicopter to reunite with their families.

NASA was a mere encouraging observer during this time. Its only tie is the Kennedy launch pad, which SpaceX leased, and which was once used by the Apollo moonshots crews.

Isaacman, 38, is an entrepreneur and accomplished pilot who aimed to raise USD200 million for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. He donated USD 100 million and held a lottery to win one of four seats. A competition was also held for Shift4 Payments, his payment-processing company in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Hayley Arceneaux (29), a St. Jude physician assistant, was on board the flight. Hayley was also treated at the Memphis, Tennessee hospital almost two decades ago for bone tumors. Contest winners Chris Sembroski (42), a data engineer from Everett Washington, and SianProctor (51), a community college teacher, scientist, and artist from Tempe.

They were strangers from March until March. They spent six months training for the flight and preparing to handle any emergencies. They were able to talk to St. Jude patients, perform medical tests, ring the closing bell of the New York Stock Exchange and enjoy some drawing and ukulele playing.

Arceneaux was the youngest American astronaut and first to use a prosthesis. They received calls from Tom Cruise who was interested in his SpaceX flight to the station for filming and Bono of U2 as well.

Even the space menu was not typical: Not only did they serve cold pizzas and sandwiches but also pasta Bolognese, Mediterranean lamb and other dishes.

Sembroski calmed down before descending. He was able to be seen in the capsule, watching the 1987 Mel Brooks film 'Spaceballs' from his tablet.

Nearly 600 people have been to space, a record that started 60 years ago. It is likely to rise as space tourism heats-up.

Benji Reed, director of SpaceX, expects six private flights per year. This is in addition to the astronaut launches for NASA. Four SpaceX flights have already been booked to carry paying customers to space station. They are accompanied by ex-NASA astronauts.

Three businessmen will pay USD 55 million each for the first, which is expected to be completed by early next year. Russia plans to hire an actor and film director in Russia next month, and a Japanese tycoon for December.

Customers looking for quick space trips should look to Virgin Galactic's Richard Branson and Blue Origin's Jeff Bezos. To encourage ticket sales, the two piloted their own rockets into space. Their flights lasted between 10 and 15 minutes.

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Two of Australia's largest states test facial recognition software in order to enforce pandemic rules


Two of Australia's most populous states are testing facial recognition software to allow police to check if someone is home during COVID-19. This expands on trials that have caused controversy among the majority of the country's citizens.

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Genvis Pty Ltd, a little-known tech company, stated on a website for their software that New South Wales (NSW), Victoria and Victoria were testing its facial recognition products. Genvis stated that the trials were voluntary.

The software was developed in 2020 by the Perth-based startup with WA state police. It is intended to enforce restrictions on pandemic movements.

South Australia started testing a non-Genvis technology last month. This prompted concerns from privacy advocates all over the world about possible surveillance overreach. These concerns may be amplified by the involvement of Victoria and New South Wales, who have not made public their intention to test facial recognition technology.

Gladys Berejiklian, the NSW Premier, stated in an email that the state was "close" to piloting home quarantine options for returning Australians. She did not directly respond to questions about Genvis facial recognition software. The premier of the state was referred by police in NSW.

Victoria Police asked questions of the Victorian Health department. They did not respond.

The system is being tested allows people to respond to random check in requests by taking a "selfie" at their home quarantine address. The software also records location data. If the software does not match the image with a "facial Signature", police might follow up by visiting the address to verify the person's whereabouts.

Although the technology is in use in WA since November last year, it was pitched to the country as a tool for reopening its borders. This would end a system that has been in place since the outbreak of the pandemic and requires international visitors to spend at least two weeks in quarantine in hotels under police guard.

Apart from the pandemic itself, police officers have expressed an interest in facial recognition software. This has prompted a backlash by rights groups regarding the potential targeting of minorities.

Although the technology has been used in China, it has not been reported in any other democracy that it has been considered for use in coronavirus containment procedures.
"Keep communities safe"

Kirstin Butcher, Chief Executive of Genvis, declined to comment beyond what was disclosed on the product's website.

She stated that home quarantine cannot be implemented without compliance checks if it is to protect communities.

"Physical compliance checks cannot be performed at the scale required to support (social-economic) reopening plans, so technology must be used."

Rights advocates cautioned that the technology could be inaccurate and open the door for law enforcement agencies without specific laws to access people's data.

Toby Walsh, an assistant professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of NSW, stated that "I am troubled not only by the use here, but also by the fact that this is an instance of the creeping usage of this type of technology in our lives."

Walsh raised concerns about the reliability of facial recognition technology, and said that it could be hacked to provide false location reports.

He said, "Even though it works here... it validates that facial recognition can be a good thing." "Where does it end?"

The government of Western Australia stated that it has banned police from using COVID-related data for non-COVID purposes. According to the WA police, 97,000 people have been placed in home quarantine using facial recognition without incident.

Edward Santow, an ex-Australian Human Rights Commissioner, said that the law should prohibit a system of monitoring quarantine from being used for any other purposes. He is now leading an artificial intelligence ethics project at University of Technology in Sydney.

Although facial recognition technology may seem like a convenient way of monitoring people in quarantine,... the risk of harm with this technology is high.

Facebook cracks down on real-user networks over harmful activities


Facebook told Reuters that it is using the same strategy as its security teams to stop fake accounts and coordinated accounts from real users engaging in harmful activities on its platform.

This is the first time that the new method has been reported. It uses the same tactics used by Facebook security teams to shut down networks involved in influence operations. These include fake accounts that manipulate public opinion, like Russian troll farm.

This could have significant implications for the way that Facebook handles coordinated political and other movements that violate its rules. It comes at a time where Facebook's handling of abuses on its platforms has been under intense scrutiny by global lawmakers and civil rights groups.

Facebook stated that it will now use the same network-level approach to groups of real accounts that systemically violate its rules. This could be done through mass reporting where many users falsely reported a target's account or content to get it shut down. Or brigading. This is an online harassment technique where users may coordinate to target an individual via mass comments or posts.

Facebook announced on Thursday that it would adopt the same approach to real user campaigns that cause "coordinated harm" on its platforms. It also announced that it had taken down the Querdenken anti- COVID restrictions movement.

A spokeswoman for Facebook said that these expansions were still in the early stages. This means that Facebook's security team could identify core movements behind such behavior and take more drastic actions than the company taking down individual accounts or removing posts.

The Facebook security experts are independent from its content moderators. They handle threats from adversaries and crack down on influence operations using fake account in 2017. This was after the 2016 US election, in which US intelligence officers concluded that Russia had used Facebook as part of a cyber campaign. Moscow has denied this claim.

Facebook called this prohibited activity by groups of fake accounts "coordinated authentic behaviour" (CIB), while its security teams began announcing sweeping takesdowns in monthly reports. Some specific threats are not handled by security teams, including fraud or cyber-espionage networks and overt influence operations such as state media campaigns.

Sources claimed that the company's teams had been debating how to intervene at the network level in large user account movements that were violating its rules.

Reuters published a July report on the Vietnam army's internet information warfare unit. They engaged in mass reporting accounts to Facebook, but often used their real names. These mass reporting attempts led to Facebook removing some accounts.

Global regulators, lawmakers and employees are putting increasing pressure on Facebook to stop wide-ranging abuses of its services. Others have criticized the company for censorship, anticonservative bias and inconsistent enforcement.

The expansion of Facebook's network disruption model to target authentic accounts raises more questions about the impact of changes on types of public discourse, online movements, and campaign tactics across all political spectrums.

Evelyn Douek, a Harvard Law lecturer and researcher on platform governance, said that problematic behavior often looks very similar to social movements. It will hinge on the definition of harm... however, people can have very subjective and ambiguous definitions of harm.

There have been many high-profile examples of coordinated activity in the US election last year. These include teens and K-pop fans using TikTok for sabotage a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma for former President Donald Trump, and political campaigns paying online me-makers.

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A method of teaching bioinformatics to undergraduates

 Bioinformatics This is a rapidly growing field that uses computer technology to manage. Analyze biological information. Bioinformatics can be used to analyze biological information. Shift away from traditional research methods that laboratories used Used. Bioinformatics employs computational methods and skills to solve problems. biological questions (Neumann 2006). The bioinformatics approach to data mining is the most common. Used in the study of molecular and cell biology. Bioinformatics is used to study molecular and cell biology. The modern classroom is unavoidable, so teachers must be prepared. This approach should be used in biology classes. There are many effective ways to do this. Methods that can be used for teaching bioinformatics to undergraduates Below are the details.

Parke (2013) proposed the first method. High performance computing (HPC), which is the use of powerful computing hardware, involves the use High performance computers or computers that are fast to solve biological or scientific problems Problems. One example of High Performance Computing (HPC), is the XSEDE is used to share data and compute. It is vital to have HPC. Teaching bioinformatics increases the ability to collect data. Big Data is important and must be analysed quickly and accurately. Bioinformatics is the analysis of large quantities of data. It is impossible to do with normal computing.

The identification of the It is crucial to choose the most suitable bioinformatics teaching strategy Know the knowledge level of students. Bioinformatics Students require the use of custom tools and databases to aid them. In a real-time lab of bioinformatics (Neumann), the teacher assistant teaches. 2006. More complex tools are available for students who have completed higher education. Databases such as Student Workbench (, a web-based database, are available. It can be used to analyse molecular data.

Students Bioinformatics is used by researchers and scientists alike. The Users need to not only be introduced to bioinformatics, but also have to need it. Continuous training is provided to ensure that they are up-to-date with new technology. (Schneider 2010, p. 3) The use of comprehensive bioinformatics is suggested Training that is suited to the interests and learning styles of students (2). Schneider et. It is highly valuable Because it incorporates the training challenges such as differences Training backgrounds and lack thereof, and provides the required materials These challenges require solutions. (Wood & Gebhardt 2013, p. Different types of training: The European Learning Laboratory is For Life Sciences (ELLS LearningLAB) which allows the exchange of new ideas Information is available locally and internationally which aids students. Get access to real-life biological data, and be exposed to current Research methods (4)

Form and Lewitter suggested the use Inquiry-based learning in teaching bioinformatics involves solving problems Modern skills can solve real-world problems (1). Learning through inquiry Instead of presenting facts, questions and scenarios are used. This helps students to learn the subject on their own. This is the best way. These rules are proposed by the authors to teach bioinformatics. Empowering students, linking with other learning styles, and addressing differences in learning Activities to supplement pre-existing science curricula

Students prefer Computer-based learning is more effective than traditional learning. Learning bioinformatics is more enjoyable when you work in groups or pairs (Machluf 2016). It is more appealing to students than it is for them. Appealing to computer-based learning, the teacher is a crucial role How they can help students introduce bioinformatics to their classrooms Guide students to understand the activity and provide feedback Instead of the auto-feedback from the bioinformatics site, use it (Machluf 2016).

The support of the collaborating bioinformatics group was also provided. (Goodman & Dekhytar 2014), in what they called "Goodman and Dekhytar". Cross-disciplinary peer instruction (2) or In-Concert Teaching (2): Students in the life science discipline were involved in collaborative learning. Working in collaboration with students from computer science discipline Solve bioinformatics issues or problems

Goodman and Dekhtyar (2014) suggested an in-concert approach to teaching students To computational thinking through collaborative projects that make use software development. They see their approach as emphasizing software development. Collaboration and communication development across disciplines skills for bioinformatics. The in-concert teaching method Bioinformatics: The teacher should create an introductory programming program Students can take part in problem analysis, implementation, and design. Evaluation of the solution. The teacher then focuses his attention on problem-solving This makes it suitable for students to be exposed to the process. bioinformatics to improve computational skills. The students are therefore Two courses were taught, with a shared laboratory component. Discipline-specific lectures in a concerted manner (Goodman & Dekhtyar, 2014).

Two lecturers are required to work together in this approach. The course materials were created in a coordinated manner, but the courses are not identical. Each instructor will teach you from their perspective. Laboratory Assignments are shared by students from both classes, allowing them to bring in new ideas and collaborating on projects. Knowledge and skills that are specific to a discipline. This approach involves the Collaboration between students and lecturers from different disciplines Working together towards a common goal.

To ensure that Bioinformatics can be taught to students, instructors, and professionals. Students should have the skills that enable them to use these competencies. Resources and data that are compatible with current research Practices Instructors should make sure students use the internet to explore. Bioinformatics resources for increasing their digital literacy For example, reducing fear of coming in contact with scientific resources. Analysis tools and databases

LearningLABS are essential in Core concepts in computational biology and providing examples The opportunity to learn from research. Through LearningLABS Instructors show students the link between cutting-edge and traditional. Research and curricular topics bring science to life. Students should be interested in bioinformatics. Teachers should encourage. Students are encouraged to participate in order to help them achieve their goals. skills.

Instructors should ensure that the course content is aligned with their teaching methods With classroom-relevant topics to ensure that new concepts are applied, The course is successful. To ensure that students understand what is being taught, It is important to provide materials for them, such as PowerPoint presentations and lesson plans that can be downloaded to help you improve your teaching skills Instructor's ability to instruct the course materials.

Form and Lewitter (2011) agrees that teaching requires the use of technology. Effectively teaches bioinformatics to college students This is why computational If used correctly, tools can be very effective in the future teaching. Biologists. These programs are suitable for teaching effectively Bioinformatics includes fsBLAST. This is similar to biologicalAST. Data analysis. Students learn about biological structure through the program. Analysis through various computer programs. These programs manage and It is possible to manipulate large data volumes in a very short amount of time. But, there are some limitations. Instructor should show students a simplified mockup of data Analyse on paper and pencil This exercise could involve protein sequence Before using BLAST, compare the scores to determine the relatedness score. To assist the The instructor should explain to students how BLAST output is understood. Information can be presented in many different ways. Interface, sequence alignments, as well as a hit list for chart formats.

Wood Gebhardt (2013) explains that LearningLAB courses are for teaching. Instructors offer both practical and theoretical expertise Concerning providing students with bioinformatics concepts. Through the European Learning Laboratory for the Life Sciences (ELLS) ensures that Students can interact directly with their instructors, thereby reducing the amount of time it takes. It is necessary to provide students with scientific discoveries. Therefore, Lecturers act as translators of knowledge by taking in information The source is described as "living science" by the lecturers. The lecturers are thus "living science". Ensure that students are interested in bioinformatics and thus get involved. Inspire yourself to be a future scientist.

Another method of teaching Virtual reality is a way to offer bioinformatics for students. These Techniques are crucial in creating an interface with the outside Environment and creating an artificial ambiance Students. Instructor visualizes the information in a 3D correlative Ability to spark student interest and enhance learning Interface. Students can understand virtual reality using the virtual reality techniques. The applicability and effectiveness of bioinformatics, thereby improving learning Therapeutics, anatomy, pharmacology, and biochemistry are all possible. As Students learn data storage and scanning techniques. MRI data mining is essential for delineating relationships of Analytical software can help you discover brain information.

Virtual reality is It is essential to support multiple users simultaneously Promoting collaborative and interactive learning. Virtual learning is a way to encourage collaboration and interactive learning. Reality techniques are a better option than teacher-initiated learning. Encourage students to take initiative and study. Instructors must also embrace this philosophy. The recent advancements in tablet and mobile technology have made it possible to use tablets and smartphones as learning tools To provide materials and links to educational resources for students in order to improve their learning. Result.

Students can therefore deepen their bioinformatics. Through exposure to computational thinking, knowledge is gained. But Identifying the problem and instructor collaboration provide the opportunity for the Essential learning objectives to teach the course with expertise From different disciplines. Teaching requires moderation from instructors Bioinformatics is also known as computer-based learning. Learn from students bioinformatics using high-performance computing Computers to solve biological problems Inquiry-based learning is another option. Students can also use this information to help them understand the concepts of bioinformatics. because they would be involved with solving real-world problems using modern technology skills. There are other useful methods for teaching bioinformatics. Virtual reality technologies promote interactive and immersive experiences. Collaboration is key to learning

QuickBooks Hosting is a Big Deal for Accountancy

 QuickBooks Accounting software is a well-known name among accounting professionals. The technology and the services are valuable. QuickBooks has been a great service. Outstanding work support for small- and medium-sized businesses This is the main reason why QuickBooks is so popular. QuickBooks is a software that allows you to create and manage your own accounting records. A simplified process for creating financial reports and creating them. Invoice charts for customers It simplifies the process. Avoid the complexity of financial accounting by involving Cost-efficiency to lower the accounting's additional costs Operation

Cloud computing is still in the race, however. QuickBooks is already the best accounting software. Its remarkable contribution to this race. Virtualizing and ease Accessibility from any mobile device has become a necessity Businesses in this technologically changing era are at a significant advantage. With the You can't ignore the opportunity to increase productivity by working from home. Business expansion. You will also need mobile facilities. So that devices such as tablets, laptops and smartphones don't become obsolete, No geographical restrictions

QuickBooks This benefit is relevant to hosting was analyzed. QuickBooks is now available To make accounting future-proof and more productive. Here are some reasons This is the main reason QuickBooks has become so popular. Important thing in accountancy:

1) Device compatibility and collaboration

Hosting QuickBooks can be used with smartphones, tablets and PCs. It provides a variety of features. Support for all major browsers and operating system. Access Access your account via your mobile device and you can access it from anywhere. You can access your hard drive anywhere, at any time. It doesn't matter if you have a hard drive. Access financial information from anywhere. Quickbooks Hosting Allows you to access your data online.

It also offers Collaboration capability during work. This indicates that multiple users can collaborate while working. You can access the same data or work without restrictions on your device. The number of users who can access the file varies depending on their permissions. Subscribe to your business.

2) Simple interface.

QuickBooks It is known for providing the highest quality accounting functions with a simple user interface. It uses existing features without any flaws The system. Its user interface is simple and allows easy access to all the new features. User to avoid obstacles in his learnings.

It gives you the option of Service dedicated to server, based on the need and timely updates in the backend Automation of solving server internet problems, etc.

Automating maintenance saves time and increases productivity. Your staff can work quickly without having to struggle.

3) Greater data security

In Every business, regardless of size, medium or large, should be able to access the Internet. Data security is an important aspect. It becomes even more delicate when it comes to sensitive data. There is financial information. The accounting professionals and Business owners are concerned about issues such as access to the internet by different users. Data from multiple devices can be stolen.

QuickBooks You should be able to provide the highest level of data security. Uses of QuickBooks Hosting Security options include password protection, dual backup, and 128 bit encryption. Secure encryption of user data Your data will be protected in this way. QuickBooks Hosting is safer than the on-premises version. The hosting service also allows you to access the The contract includes data security and privacy information. Electronically signed by the user

4) Technology updates -

QuickBooks Keeps updating its technology at regular intervals. Maintain its peak performance. Automatic updates ensure Security checks that are regularly checked and maintained. You can get quick and regular updates. The most recent security measures to protect user data

5) Third-party hosting options -

The Intuit, the owner of QuickBooks, grants authorization to third-party Application hosting providers for QuickBooks Hosting There are specific rules and guidelines. Hosting providers must adhere to regulations to achieve the desired result. Permission is required to ensure that the application is not modified. performance get delivered.

6) Extraordinary support

It's QuickBooks is easy to use and allows you to work efficiently. Many users are not satisfied with the software. Accessing the software is possible for accounting professionals as well. Business owners. There is always the possibility of you having to deal with some. Technical support may be required for certain issues. Hosting providers for QuickBooks Ensure that users receive exceptional technical support It is available round-the-clock. It provides assurance that users can work around the clock. QuickBooks Access is easy and hassle-free

7) Conveniently managing client data -

Accounting Professionals manage a huge amount of client accounting data. It is important to have a culture that encourages the use of paperwork when handling client's financial records. It is often difficult to manage. There is also the possibility of losing. The data should be accompanied by the printed documents.

QuickBooks helps accountants and businesses store data in a defined format.

8) Increased productivity at work

In the past, Accounting professionals work manually whether they are creating reports or not. Creating invoices and processing them, among other things. These tasks are being processed It takes a lot of work and results in lower productivity.

Evolution Technology has changed the way accounting is done, and QuickBooks is now available. Accounting software can be used to help CPAs reduce their routine work accordingly. It is easy to manage your regular financial obligations. Use the software with a few clicks

Accountants can You can save financial records or data in the software, and you can access them as It is based on their needs or convenience. It reduces the likelihood of them getting hurt. Repetitive work, time-saving, so you can take advantage other productive tasks.

9) Core accounting focus -

Situations Like repetitive workflows, losing files can lead to lower productivity. The concentration of work for accountants. It is important to manage These situations can be used to help reduce any obstacle.

QuickBooks allows you to: Accounting can help to reduce the likelihood of troubling events. level. Accounting professionals can make this situation manageable by focusing on the right things. Management of client data, preparation of profit/loss statements and Balance sheets, etc. without any other disruptions.

It allows accountants to evaluate the performance of the business and create appropriate growth plans.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

13 Social Media Trends & Opportunities for 2021


 All You Need to Know about Social Media Marketing Trends!

Social media has seen a surge in activity and the social media trends for 2021 have changed since the COVID pandemic. It's thrilling, but also overwhelming. These shifts can have a significant impact on your business, and you need to understand how to capitalize on them for a better marketing strategy.

We're going to take a look at the digital world in order to help you understand social media trends and potential opportunities for 2021. Let's get to it!

1. Connect with Live Streaming

For personal and professional reasons, humans need to be connected. Technology is happy to bridge the gap when they are unable to do so face-to-face. This pandemic has been aided by social media trends. In 2021, live streaming will play an important role. It was a very popular medium in 2020.

As they seek to satisfy their desire for social interaction and engagement, people have grown accustomed to watching live streams and learning. One of our top tips is based on 2021 social media trends.

Live on social media at minimum once per week Include a call-to-action at the end that offers something of value to your audience.

2. Give away Something Free

List building is one of the best outcomes of social media presence. You can post to social media and use your call-to-action to build your audience. This is possible with the help of free offers. Selling something of value doesn't necessarily mean making a sale. Your list is your goldmine of potential customers and sales.

To get something they are interested in, people will trade their contact information. Some people don't have time to read all of your blog posts. Some prospects may be interested in a summary of blog articles or access to a page hidden on your website that contains summaries of the most important blog posts.

You might also be eligible for the following freebies:

    Slides from conference accessible
    Tutorials and guides in-depth
    Behind-the scenes glimpses
    Get free reports

3. Use video to showcase your brand personality

It's good news! You still have plenty of time to grow your online presence, build trust with viewers, and attract new audiences. Before you start to say "Really?" Isn’t YouTube saturated? Think again.

It's true. YouTube is still the most popular channel for video and has seen an exponential growth. Branding through personality-driven content is possible. Your unique personality-how you communicate with your audience-differentiates you and helps you stand out. Be authentic, be yourself, and have some fun. Videos can help you find and grow your tribe.

Don't stop at YouTube. You can also create your own niche on other video platforms. Here are some ideas to get you started.

    Instagram Reels
    Twitter Fleets - NEW for 2021

4. Carousels will make you stand out on LinkedIn and Instagram

Let's keep rolling into 2021 social media marketing trends with engaging, motion-focused content ideas. You don't have to settle for boring LinkedIn posts. Why not make it more dynamic with carousels! It's true! Slide shows can be created and published! These slide shows will help you stand out from the crowd of text-based LinkedIn posts, and increase awareness for your company's page.

You can publish carousel posts free of charge, not to be confused with LinkedIn ads. These posts attract attention and generate interest through eye-catching, dynamic visual displays which take up more space in a feed. Make sure you include a call to action at end of your post!

Instagram users also get huge benefits from using carousels on their feed. If the user doesn't like the first image and scrolls away, the second image will display on their feed. This gives you another chance to get engagement.

Ideas for content to share in LinkedIn Carousel Posts

    Statistics, infographics and numbers
    Frameworks and step by-step instructions
    Practical business lessons and tips
    Slides and content for conferences
    Snippets taken from your blog/listicle post

5. Emails and E-news are still tried and true methods

When you publish something new, let your audience know: "This blog goes viral right now!" Emails and e-news remain great ways to get attention for blog posts and articles. Keep growing your list! Use social media to showcase the content that your audience is looking for.

Use creative calls to actions (CTAs), which encourage prospects to give their contact information to receive tips, how to instructions, entertainment, and other benefits to gain permission-based subscriber lists opt-ins.

It can be difficult to figure out how to make the most of social media trends that are emerging. These social media trends are important for businesses, but they're not the same thing as knowing how to use them in your strategy.

Let's look at some ways that social media marketing can be used to promote your business.

6. 6.

Use video, audio, and images whenever possible to grab attention on social media platforms. Social media channels want to keep people engaged with their campaigns and make them more influential.

You want them to go to your content. Sign up to receive your giveaways and more. Here are some social media trends for 2021: Use the first comment below your post to share your link!

7. Social Media Comments: Engage with Your Tribe

You should respond promptly to any comments made on your social media posts. It makes sense to keep people engaged if they take the time to interact with you via social media. This is what matters!

Do not allow comments to go unanswered on your posts. If you let prospects go without responding, you could lose their attention. Engaging with prospects will encourage future relationships that lead to trust, respect, and sales.

8. Timing is everything

Traffic to your social media posts depends on how long you wait before posting the content. To increase traffic flow to your live stream, tag people and spread the word. You should conduct a live stream on the same day and time each week. This will allow your audience to schedule the stream into their daily lives.

Do you offer a live stream that is unique? You can spread the word through multiple channels. Your event details should be posted ahead of time via email, e-newsletters and posts. Make sure you make connections with people who will support your efforts and encourage them to spread the word.

9. Social Media's Power Comments & Bookmarks

Curating useful content is one of your responsibilities towards your audience. Your audience, regardless of industry, looks to you for advice, expertise, or resources. It's impossible to create everything, so it is important to find reliable sources of content to share. Social bookmarking websites allow you to do exactly that!

As social media platforms explore the possibility of removing likes (e.g. Facebook, Instagram), users will need to find other ways of expressing their approval of posts they enjoy or find helpful.

Instagram is a visual-centric social media trend that has grown in popularity and influence in marketing. Encourage people to save Instagram posts instead of "liking" them. This will increase brand awareness. Include a call-to-action in the image and text. Simple "Bookmark it!" This could be your ticket.

What other ways can you and your company benefit from these savings?

7 Social Media Bookmarks Benefits

    Save and organize the resources that you would like to be able to use later.
    You can share resources with your audience or team.
    For easier searchability and referencing, tag (label) your content.
    Backlinks can be created from social media bookmarks.
    Increase traffic to your site. People find and click content that others have saved to bookmarking sites.
    Encourage others to mention you (bookmark articles that refer you and/or your content).
    SEO is a great way to get the most out of your website. Search engines frequently bring up bookmarks within their search results.

10. Ask questions to encourage engagement on social media posts

Do you want to encourage social media engagement and discussion? Remember the power of asking questions to open up communication. Make it entertaining. You might ask provocative questions that encourage people to share their opinions. A vague "yes/no" question like "Agree?" It doesn't stimulate discussion.

Examples of Discussion-Encouraging Questions

    I am curious. Are you able to tell us about your experiences with _____ (Fill in all the blanks.)
    What have you gained from ____________? (Fill in your blank.)
    When was the last time that you ______? (Fill in all the blanks.)
    Which is your favorite memory from ________? (Fill in all the blanks.)
    Are you convinced that there is a chance that _____? How did you arrive at that conclusion? (Fill in all the blanks.)

11. Ego Bait

Yes, that is a loaded term. Think about it. Industry leaders and influencers enjoy the spotlight. They wouldn't be considered influencers if they didn't. Tag one or more influencers and ask them for sharing.

12. Social Media Commerce

In consumer shopping decisions, social media is becoming more important. Some platforms have taken advantage of this trend and introduced shopping carts. Customers can search for and purchase your products and services from any social media platform.

Social media platforms want their users to be on their platform for as long as they can. You are free to use the tools that they provide. You and the platform both win.

13. 13.

Lastly, you might have noticed this growing trend. Transparency and authenticity are important in relationships. This ideal is now spreading to the brand they support.

According to the experts, social media marketing trends for 2021 are based on the belief that your audience wants information about you and what you stand up for. Customers are more likely to favor businesses that support socially conscious themes.

Let your light shine by allowing yourself to be present. Tell your story. You are the person you are and there are people out there who will support you and your company.

Education in America must be discussed at a higher level

 In part, public education was established to help Americans become better citizens one at a time. It is crucial to create responsible citizens who can make informed decisions to ensure a functioning government. Public education has lost the noble goal of helping young people understand who they are, their history, and what they stand for. Instead, public education has taken on the mission of making sure young people are competent in whatever field they choose. While competence is essential, it doesn't prepare the next generation to take on the task of shaping the nation's future.

Citizens must be citizens and not just consumers. Individual happiness cannot be attributed to the satisfaction of individual desires. Education in America needs to be discussed at a higher level. It must address the larger purposes that drive the nation. Dot-com democracy has brought with it a greater awareness of the importance and urgency of this discussion. It is now possible to be anywhere at any time. We can communicate with anyone around the globe. We can make decisions about holiday gifts and candidates by clicking a mouse. This allows us to build a mass democracy that is unlike anything in history. Ironically, because we have the technology to communicate more effectively than ever before, we risk becoming a nation made up of strangers. Each person is alone in front a computer screen and can talk in chat rooms, via e-mail, or through the Web.

We have the tools to change the nature of democracy, and make sure that it responds to the will of the people. Now the question is: Are we wise enough as people to look at this idea from a different perspective and decide if it's really a good idea?

Do we have the ability to discern between the need to please popular opinion and the long-term national interests?

These are the fundamental questions that have always occupied the American republic. These fundamental questions have been answered by educated citizens over generations - sometimes through deliberation and other times through dumb luck. These questions are being asked in a global context that is unprecedented in world history. This makes it all the more crucial to be able to find the right answers. This means that it will be even more important to ensure the future success of a democracy's education system.

Although accountability for results is a well-known slogan in education reform, it is becoming more common for schools across the country. The first problem policymakers have to face when creating accountability systems in states and districts is how to determine which schools and classrooms are doing well, which are struggling, and which are somewhere in the middle, possibly succeeding in some areas and failing in others. This is a complex task. This is a good way to start, although picking schools with high or low average test scores can be a straightforward approach. However, the strong correlation between test scores as well as student socioeconomic background makes it difficult. This approach tends to reward schools that have wealthy students and penalize those who have disadvantaged pupils.

Many states want to reward schools that produce the best student learning outcomes. This means that they will be willing to pay more for schools with the most outstanding teachers, regardless of where the students are from or their advantages and disadvantages. Value-added assessment, in its simplest form means that schools and teachers are judged on their student learning gains rather than the level of achievement they achieve. However, it turns out that students can gain at different levels of achievement. Sometimes, this is due to factors unrelated to the quality and quantity of instruction received. For example, middle-class-children may be more likely to have parents help them with their homework. The school's effect on student achievement must not be compared to the effects of poverty, race, or pupil mobility in order to determine how much value the school provides. Numerous states and school districts have begun to use sophisticated statistical models to accomplish this. There are two types of these "value-added models: ones that incorporate variables that represent student socioeconomic characteristics and a student’s test scores from the past years. Others that only use a student’s previous test scores to control for confounding factors.

It is difficult to decide whether to include student background measures into the model. The first type of analytic models (which includes measures of student poverty, race and other factors) are used because socioeconomic characteristics have a significant impact on where students start and how far they progress from year to year. Their research shows that students of low income and minority backgrounds will not make the same amount of progress over time if they receive the same quality instruction. The model could underestimate the value these schools offer students if the background variables aren't included. After taking into account the test scores of previous years, student background does not correlate strongly with the gains that a student will experience. Research suggests that socioeconomic status may influence student gains. This raises difficult policy questions regarding value-added assessments. Schools (or teachers) that have a high proportion of disadvantaged pupils are likely to feel unfair if these variables are not included in the model.

Reforms are underway in public education. Education's future depends on transforming the outdated industrial-age educational system into one that is able to capture the opportunities and diversity of the Information Age. Public education must reconnect to the people it was meant to serve.

Education isn't about the process and programs; it's all about your child's success. Districts may use both the achievement level and the value-added analysis results to determine which schools are effective. As an interim measure, you can use value-added analysis to determine if students are capable of meeting high standards. There are many other hybrids and variations that can be created and tested.

It is important to discuss the inclusion of student background characteristics into the model. It is important to study the performance of different models. We don't know if different analytic methods will distinguish between schools that are successful and those that fail. However, both approaches give us a better measure of the school's contribution to student learning than if we only looked at average test scores and simpler measures of gains.

However, it is not clear if the models can be confidently used to identify ineffective and effective teachers. Research has shown that teacher effectiveness, as measured by either model, can vary greatly from one year to the next. This could indicate that teachers are often able to make significant changes in their effectiveness, or that statistics on teacher effectiveness may not be accurate. It could also be possible that the model is not able to account for disruptive students.

Many believe that value-added assessment of individual teachers is flawed and should be used only as a diagnostic tool to help identify teachers who need the most assistance, not as a basis for punishments or rewards. Some argue that complex analytical methods that leave so many to statisticians should be abandoned for both schools and teachers and replaced by simpler calculations that are easier to understand for policymakers, educators, as well as citizens. Others are happy to let the market decide which schools are most effective. It remains to be seen if these different audiences prefer an analysis that is fairer or more transparent. Value-added analysis will become more attractive to districts and states as we improve our statistical methods and learn more about how different models work. These districts can begin to collect the data necessary to make these models work. This includes regular test scores for students in core subjects and longitudinal databases that link student test score over time.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Career Guidance Tips: Highest Paying Work in AI, Machine Learning & Robotics


 Now Our everyday life has a direct effect on artificial intelligence. There are a number of tasks in AI. It's fairly simple to procure work in this area and is also a promising career. Let's see some career advice Strategies for choosing Work in machine learning:

Jobs in AI, Machine Learning and Robotics:

1) Data Science Manager:

If You opt to turn into a data science supervisor then you are going to collect customer insights, calculations, and machine learning to contemplating lead on several different AI driven products and services.

You'll Be helping in Programming, link building, statistical investigation for assisting the customers to know about AI, machine learning, information science for profiting their enterprise. In accordance with the career guidance was given by specialists you opt for this profession to generate a successful career within this subject.

Two ) Big Data Engineer:

Data Solutions are constructed, designed and optimized by Big Data Engineers in breaking down large information to a simple format such as information pipelines, data collections, and architectures.

The Business is guaranteed by this Professional and is very vital for great performance and secure infrastructure which permits Data scientists for assessing and collecting data economically

They've a greater duty of Implementing Big Data tools instead of monitoring advising and functionality on possible improvements.

3) Machine Learning Engineer:

There Are tons of tasks within machine learning. As a system learning engineer, then you may aim on the production of intelligent machines.

They Have diverse applications to operate on however, the ultimate aim is exactly the exact same for creating a very simple system to think, understand and take over tasks with no special directions.

4) Software Engineer:

There Are plenty of businesses which are getting famous in the fields of AI and Robotics. In accordance with the livelihood advice was given by specialists this area has enormous job chances. They're observed in design, creation, testing, and maintenance for applications or even artificial intelligence application. They also will need to work other IT departments to complete their jobs.

5) Automation Engineer:

Automation scripts and Frameworks are used by Automation Engineers for developing automatic Test procedures for the present or an entirely new artificial intelligence software. They Are Quite much into applications development cycle and the Last product is appropriate for inline and purpose with company requirements.

The Gist of Seamless UX Web - Layout for E-Commerce Stores and Mobile Apps


When We discuss the information technologies business you will find countless of merchandise are available in the marketplace for those buyers. A number have similar functionalities and also this item is rather challenging. For your company, this will be tuff to stay strong on the industry. Whenever you're going to market something such as web applications or applications the thing which makes them exceptional is your interface or UI layouts. In a nutshell, your application has to have an interactive user interface which satisfies the requirements of your customers. Fantastic user interface and UI design could have a huge effect on companies earnings and helps to create decent conversion rates too.

Interface Design is your Success of company
In the contemporary companies world, everybody is relying upon the interaction and internet presence of the clients. Even better UX and UI layouts assist more in gaining more clients. As the company sites nowadays is the ideal platform to create and discussion with your sellers and buyers. The experience for those users in your website has to be seamless. The better experience that your customers get on your website the greater the possibility of your small business success. In this site, we'll get to learn about a few important key aspects that how professional port or UI design issues for the achievement in the business enterprise.

Interactive E-commerce Shop
Interactivity with your clients through the website would be the important element for the success of any business enterprise. If your website mingles better your clients than there are strong chances your visitors will turn into your loyal and regular clients. The visitors will take a look at your goods and services whenever they found your website interesting. Additionally, this helps your organization to generate a better discussion with your organization. The end result will likely probably be in your favor and your organization will get fame on your targeted audience.

Competitive Edge
The website using distinctive and seamless interface causes your website separated from the bunch of similar websites. This is going to be a very major advantage for your organization. User expertise pushes an increasing number of users towards e-commerce shops. The total company and earnings for your company also grow. Staying ahead from the contest is the major thing and one of a kind interface for your website is going to do this to your company.

Trustworthiness of Company
Outstanding user experience is, in addition, the vital thing from the enhancement of trustworthiness to the business enterprise. The company websites which are beneficial in their surgeries are considered trusted. The internet store can be stable dependent on the expertise of the customers. By way of instance, certificates, payments, and lots of other security aspects are attained for its e-commerce companies. Considering all of the aspects it's obviously a better thing for any company to raise its trustworthiness.

E-commerce Development
E-commerce websites are the internet business platforms and also lots of trade carried out daily working with these websites. E-commerce websites are playing with their significant part in the financial business world. Clients reject the merchandise of their e-commerce websites should they don't offer the user experience. The superb user experience is the trick to success for any e-commerce enterprise. These variables play their part in the achievement of their e-commerce enterprise.

Risk Factors
Nowadays different businesses arrive with brand new innovative services and products. Largely the new users did not know about the new products and services plus they hesitate in using them accordingly with the greater experience you may haul out their temptations and decrease the risk factor too. UX design works tremendously in this scenario too.

UI for Application Development
Not Just for the websites, are UX designs both crucial for the Mobile applications too. Some of the strong benefits for your UX designs are
• It enriches the user friendly behavior of an application, consequently, the mobile application gets popular.
• With improve, demand programmers get more Opportunity to Earn Money
• Professional and special layouts separate your application by the competitor's applications.


Saturday, June 5, 2021

Coffee Addicts Construct! That Is the Reason Why We Love The Kenyan Coffee



As the next wave of the pandemic ravages The nation, at a gesture of solidarity, the government of Kenya delivered over tonnes of tea, coffee and other consumables for our Covid-19 frontline warriors as a way to offer a more"refreshing break" through those hard times. The East African nation has delivered 12 tonnes of its famed tea and coffee products besides groundnuts which is made locally, and has been passed over to the Indian Red Cross Society. As stated by the Vice-Chairman (Maharashtra division ) of the Indian Red Cross Society, Homi Khusrokhan, the contribution is a sign of compassion that the nation has towards India, that is quite re-assuring.

In honor of the sweet gesture, We've compiled a list of motives of that which makes Kenyan java so profoundly loved by die-hard java lovers Throughout the planet:

1. Perfect habitat for java

Coffee Beans flourish in a tropical surroundings with ample sunlight and also plenty of water around. With this definition, Kenya gets got the best growing conditions. The moderate to high altitudes, deficiency of climate and a great deal of rain throughout the year round the flavour of this coffee.

2. Among the planet's five greatest coffees

Kenyan Java has a profound flavour due to its wealthy body, heavenly aroma and higher acidity. Something which is very unique to Kenya is that their berry undertones. Not only any berry - black currant! The mixed flavour together with the acidity makes for a tasty cup of joe in the morning, or day, naturally.

3. Immaculate Processing

Kenyan Coffee beans have been treated with good care. It moves through a moist processing that begins by choosing the fruits once they're perfectly ripe. This practice is performed with fragile hands to protect against any bruising. It moves through a sifting procedure again to discard some damaged coffee cherries in the batch. When it is not clear already, just the best of these java beans make it into the coffee roastery.

4. Grading of legumes

The Kenyan coffee beans are rated very rigorously. Considering that the lands create various varieties and sizes of legumes, the grading method assists in keeping these kinds in check. Larger, thicker and thicker beans are far more tasty and experienced coffee drinkers will be aware there's a difference. Therefore, the grading process is taken quite seriously in Kenya.

There Is a motive that java coffee is called"the connoisseur's cup". The Bold tastes and fruity undertones are nearly unmatched. Just the Ethiopian java does come near! It's also intriguing to note that Kenya as a country is significantly more inclined towards tea than coffee. More For us to appreciate afterward!


Sunday, May 30, 2021

Eating More Salad Can Be Savory to the Palate along with Also a Valid Supply of Vitamins and Fiber


Salads Are a terrific way for starting any dinner or lunch meal. I find that because of cough and cold season, I'm less attracted to cold foods and much more attracted to comfort foods. SO, what do I do? I amuse various means of earning salads more of a comfort food to appease the flavor of me and my loved ones that remain creative, healthy and reassuring! In addition, I find ways of incorporating fruit into my own salad, whenever possible, to raise my everyday consumption of vegetables, fruits and fiber.

Hello folks, Yes, I understand, bunny Food, salads aren't your first option. BUT, OH, in case your salad had a voice, it might be telling you of all of the nutritious fiber, vitamins and roughage that's very good for your digestion. Daily demands of vegetables, grains and fruits mixed in numerous ways makes meals more mineral and vitamin complete, and pleasing to the palate-at greatest! Select and select a salad that's both sweet and sour to the palate- SATIATE YOUR TASTE DESIRES. Salads are a sweet method of eating more fruits and grains, or substituted and improvised, or included as whole meal choice,also! *** I've recorded a few salads offering rare, nuances for producing or appreciating more salads. There are a variety of methods of sneaking more grain, fiber, or yummy additions to your own salad dishes which have a high-impact on daily nutrient requirements. Add a number of my favorites or study and include a few of your own additives for optimum vitamin and nutrient balance.

* Coleslaw-carrot and pineapple salad- all of raw, And when combined with olive and coconut oil are yummy and pair readily with poultry, or perhaps with BBQ ribs.

* Cold potato salad- Boiled Berries with black olives, cumin, olive oil and vinegar- followed as a side dish together with yummy beef or anything.

*Apple-celery-cranberry Salad- I've got a great recipe and that I add walnuts. It is really excellent! I put a piece of lettuce and a spoonful of my salad on top and garnish with a little spoonful of dry coconut. . Serve with poultry or meat

*Cold Bean salad- Cold beans of your choice together with oils and spices and simmer makes a fantastic side dish. Serve with poultry or meat

*Cold Beet salad- Add balsamic vinegar, or anything you would like, chopped spices and herbs and serve with a serving of greens to get additional nutrient absorption. Serve with poultry or meat

*Cold carrot-current salad- Sliced carrots with extra currents, cranberries and pepper and salt for seasoning. Serve with poultry or meat

*Cold lentil salad- Cook Lentils, year as normal, allow remainder chill and serve as salad topped with chopped tomato and fresh parsley. Serve with beef, fish or poultry.

*Cold couscous salad- Cooked and chilled couscous with spices, sliced veggies, spices and herbs. Serve with fish or meat.

Salad Prior to, during or after supper, as some cultures favor, is a smart means of adding extra vegetable, vegetable, or even much more fiber into your foods. You might discover it to be much more savory manner of improving the flavor, it may also be a subtle way to boost your fiber consumption. Find ways of incorporating chia seeds into your new fruit or salad dishes. Add almonds, seaweed, bean sprouts, olives, or some other brand new additive for much more of a taste punch and meal advantage.

*** I expect you enjoy and use my salad suggestions. I've Lots of recipes and methods for ingesting and blending Fruits and veggies for yummy, healthy or sweet and crunchy salads. Lots of my salads are just as much tasty since they are healthful! Write to Me along with your salad recipes and suggestions or ask me questions and that I will Create great salad mixes easily!


Friday, May 21, 2021

The Discussion Of Education In America Has To Proceed To A Higher Level


Public schooling was made in part to become among those mediating institutions that could mold the American personality one citizen at a time. It's vital to the production of citizens capable of making educated decisions to be able to create and maintain a system of government which operates. For at least a generation now, public schooling has left the noble intention of helping our young men and women know that we are, where we came from, what we stand for and how to pass this on to our successors. On the contrary, it has adopted the objective of earning certain young women and men are capable at whatever they decide to do in life. Competence is vital, but it does little to prepare the next generation for the task of determining what this state's future is.

If taxpayers are to stay citizens, rather than only consumers; if person enjoyment is to be the product of greater than the mere satisfaction of human needs and needs; then the conversation of education in the usa must proceed to a high degree. It has to touch upon the larger purposes that rekindle the country. The debut of dot-com democracy brings with it an increased awareness of the importance and the urgency of the discussion. We are living in a time when it's likely to be places all of the time; to convey instantly anywhere in the world; to make conclusions about anything from holiday presents to rival candidates together with the click of a mouse; to make mass democracy unlike in the history of earth. Paradoxically, as we have the technology to communicate with one another more effectively than previously we run the chance of being a state of strangers - every independently in front of a computer monitor, speaking in chat rooms, on email, through the net.

We now have the tools to alter the character of democratic government, to be certain democratic government reacts to the wishes of these public, expressed directly by the public. The question then becomes: Why do we have the wisdom as a people to step back and ask whether that's actually such a fantastic idea?

In an era of immediate access, instant information and instant gratification, do we have the knowledge to differentiate between the urge to fulfill the momentary urge to function popular opinion and also the subject, foresight and discernment required to seek out the long-term pursuits of a country?

These will be the most basic questions which have always faced the American republic. For generations, both educated citizens of the republic have found answers to those questions - sometimes through deliberation, sometimes during dumb luck. Nevertheless, the international context in which these concerns are raised now is unlike in the planet's history, which makes our capacity to think of the proper answers even more significant. And that usually means the caliber and temperament of the schooling given the present and future generations of young heads in a democracy will probably be even more crucial to ensuring that the future of the democracy.

While accountability for outcomes was an education reform motto for a while, it's increasingly becoming a reality for colleges across the country. When districts and states produce liability systems, the very first issue policymakers confront is the way to tell which universities and schools are success, that are failing - and that can be somewhere in between, possibly succeeding at certain things and lagging others. This proves to be truly complex. Deciding the colleges with overall low or high average test scores is a clear way to move, however, the powerful correlation between test scores and student socioeconomic history makes this problematic. This kind of approach will be inclined to reward colleges with pupils that are prosperous and punish people who have disadvantaged students.

Most nations are thinking about rewarding the schools in which educators are most capable of creating student instruction - that is, the colleges which add the best value for their pupils, regardless of where these pupils begin or what benefits and pitfalls accompany them to college. In its most straightforward form, post-secondary evaluation means estimating schools and at times individual teachers depending on the benefits in student learning they create as opposed to the total level of accomplishment that their students achieve. It turns out, however, that as pupils begin at several degrees of accomplishment, they profit at various speeds at well, occasionally for reasons unrelated to the quality of education they receive. By way of instance, middle-class-children might be more likely to get parents help them with their assignments. To determine how much worth a college is adding to a pupil, the impact of the school on student achievement has to be isolated from the effects of a bunch of different variables, such as poverty, race, and student mobility. Quite a few states and school districts are turning to complex analytical models that seek to do precisely that. All these"value-added" versions come in two primary flavors: those who include factors representing student socioeconomic characteristics in addition to a student's test scores from prior decades, and the ones that utilize just a pupil's previous test scores as a means of controlling for confounding variables.

Whether to integrate measures of pupil background into this design is a charged and complex query. People using the first sort of analytical model (like measures of student poverty, race, etc., along with previous test scores) do this because they discover socioeconomic traits affect not just where pupils start but also just how much progress they make from year to year. Given the exact same caliber of education, minority and low-income pupils will create less progress as time passes, their study shows. If the background factors aren't included, the model will underestimate just how much value has been added to the pupils by those colleges. Student background isn't closely correlated with all the benefits a pupil will make, when the pupil's test scores in prior years are taken into consideration. If socioeconomic standing really influences the profits made by pupils, as much study indicates this raises thorny policy questions for post-secondary evaluation. Omitting such factors from the version is apt to become unjust to colleges (or educators ) using a high proportion of disadvantaged students.

Public schooling is undergoing a reformation. The future for schooling means changing our static industrial era educational model to a system which could capture the diversity and possibility of this Information Age. That means public schooling has to reconnect with the general public - the kids it was meant to serve.

Successful education isn't about applications and procedure; it is about what is ideal for your little one. Some districts can manage this problem by utilizing both the amount of accomplishment and the outcomes of value-added analysis to determine successful schools. Another answer is to assign benefits and sanctions according to computer-based investigation as an interim step until all pupils are in a situation where it is reasonable to expect them to fulfill high standards. No doubt other variants and hybrids wait to get tried and developed.

The debate above including student background features in the design is vital. More study is necessary on how the many models function. Now, by way of instance, we do not even know whether distinct analytical models will determine the very same colleges as failing and succeeding. But either strategy gives us a much more precise measure of the participation of a college to student learning than we'd have if we looked just at average exam scores or at easier steps of profit.

It is not as evident that the models can be used to recognize effective and ineffective teachers. Scientists have discovered that teacher efficacy (as measured by type of design ) can change a fantastic deal from year to year. This implies either that teachers frequently make big modifications in their efficacy or the statistics for instructor effectiveness aren't accurate. (It might be that the version doesn't adequately adjust for the existence of disruptive students in a course, for example.)

Because value-added examination for individual instructors is incomplete, many consider it is best employed as a diagnostic tool, to recognize the teachers who require the most help, as opposed to since the"high-stakes" foundation for rewards and punishments. Others argue that complex analytical procedures that render so much to statisticians must be abandoned both for schools and for teachers in favor of easier calculations which could be readily recognized by policymakers, teachers, and taxpayers. Still others are satisfied to allow the market decide which colleges are successful. Whether these many audiences will favor a sort of analysis that's fairer or one which is transparent remains to be seen. Since the statistical techniques enhance and we know more regarding the truth of unique versions, however, value-added analysis is guaranteed to become more attractive to districts and states. They could prepare to make the most of those improvements by starting to collect the information needed to produce the models work, such as routine evaluation scores for all students in core areas, and producing longitudinal databases that connect student evaluation scores over time.