'Justice for Musharraf' protest held in London

The Islamabad-based three-judge distinctive court had sentenced the prior army ruler to departure December 17.  It published a more in depth conclusion the nextday at which it arranged the hanging and yanking of Musharraf's corpse.
Activists of the All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) assembled out the Pakistan High Commission on Sunday to"require oversight for Pervez Musharraf" Also also to enroll condemnation of their"sexually motivated" instances contrary to their chief, accounts the Headlines Global.

Para sixty six of this verdict "We guide the police force bureaus to attempt their degree better to apprehend the fugitive/convict (Musharraf) also to guarantee the penalty is imposed as each law enforcement and when found dead, and his corpse be hauled for the D Chowk (at the front of this Parliament property ), Islamabad, Pakistan, and also be retrieved for 2 occasions " 
Nevertheless, the incumbent Imran Khan-led administration and also the military have voiced"rage" in excess of'paragraph 66' of this in depth decision and called it"criminal","inhuman" and"unconstitutional".

Afzal Siddiqui,'' President APML over seas, directed the demonstration at which in fact the participants increased slogans in Musharraf's service and stated the prior army dictator had attracted a great deal of advancement to Pakistan and underneath him that the united states brought in admiration on the planet.  They maintained that Musharraf's a long time in energy turned into also a"golden age" to get Pakistan and he coped effortlessly towards terrorism, asserting the exceptional court verdict contrary to the prior leader proved to be unjust.

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