CEO of Pakistan's Dawn newspaper Hameed Haroon accused of rape

"The narrative is basically untrue and blatantly made in the occasion of these that want to silence me personally and, by me, to induce the paper I symbolize to encourage their repressive storyline," explained Haroon.
At a succession of tweets,'' Raza accused Dawn CEO Hameed Haroon of this attack said that his allegations ended up at no manner about the paper except to provide advantage to additional sufferers of sexual attack.
Raza, who's popularly called Jami Raza, experienced stunned female press in October when he released tweets describing the alleged attack that occurred 13 decades back.  Nevertheless, the manager had refused to mention the accused.

Haroon claimed legal actions will be initiated to clean his name and standing and also to"protect the liberty of the media by bringing to justice those responsible to all these malicious and false allegations towards me"

The Dawn paper was essential of this existing Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf govt . however, it's uncertain in the event the allegations towards Haroon have been in any way connected with AntiGovernment reportage.

Even the #MeToo and also #Timesup efforts, that required shape immediately after allegations of sexual misconduct from Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein at 20 17, ignited a onslaught of accusations towards other guys that were powerful.  Nevertheless, the movements has been gradual in Pakistan.  Back in 20 17, prospective Prime Minister imrankhan was likewise accused of sexual misconduct with way of a lawmaker.  Khan had refused that the allegations.

"Why am I strongly encouraging #metoo?  Cause I understand precisely the way that it appears today, in a very space afterward out mates interior teammates and also the way the continuation hides confides reason I had been cruelly intimidated by way of a exact strong person inside our networking universe," Raza experienced tweeted during enough moment; point.
In a second tweet, Jami mentioned he realized his own narrative could be branded an endeavor to strike on the paper.  "It is perhaps not all about Dawn versus Jami.  It truly is (a) personalized dilemma, increased today.  I am doing this for decades to greatly help sufferers," the picture manufacturer stated.
Islamabad, Dec 31:''  Reputed Pakistani film maker Jamshed Mahmood Raza has now accused that the principle Executive Office of englishlanguage paper Morning of devoting him 1-3 decades back.

 Are you currently prepared to publish this @dawn_com?"  Haroon, at an announcement on Monday, refused the allegations, declaring that it had been an endeavor to silence him along with his paper.

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