South Korea fires warning shots at North Korean ship

The ocean border is really a supply of stress involving the 2 Koreas.  They've fought various mortal naval skirmishes within the region in previous decades.  Back in 2010, two strikes blamed North Korea nearby the ocean border murdered fifty South Koreans.

It is the the next time South Korea has fired warning shots to induce a North Korean boat in your community due to the fact South Korea's present liberal federal government occurred at 20 17.  The very first episode took place in September, in accordance with South Korea's army.
North Korea said Monday its soldiers ran artillery shooting drills close to the ocean border.  South Korea on Tuesday delivered a proper demonstration material into North Korea, declaring the drills broken a season's inter-Korean arrangements targeted toward diminishing military animosities.

Seoul's Joint Chiefs of Staff stated in an announcement it considers the North Korean boat triggered the ocean border as a result of lousy weather along with a motor issue.  No more additional violence has been first reported.

South Korea's army fired warning shots Wednesday to repel North Korean merchant boat following it breached their contested western sea border, Seoul officers saidthat the 2nd such episode in just two weeks.

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